Latest Report Says: You save more on power when you go solar

Save more money going solar

Take control of your power from utility companies, pay less on bills and help save the planet.

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Embrace your energy independence! You no longer need to deal with changing rates and unpredictable or hidden fees. No more being pushed around by utility companies!

Going Solar is not hard, you can in fact go solar in 3 simple steps



You will meet with a trained energy consultant to determine which solar program is right for you and answer any other questions you may have about the process! Fill out our quote form to book a consultation.


Design Phase

One of our trained site surveyors will inspect your roof and sun exposure using advanced technology. Our solar design engineers will then create a custom site plan maximizing savings.



Our seasoned construction crews are passionate about quality and efficient solar installations. They are able to complete the average-sized system in a single day!

Here’s what you’ll get with this Report.

Going Solar might be capital intensive, but it has more benefits long term

You save money on bills or out rightly stop paying bills completely
You no longer need to deal with changing power rates and unpredictable or hidden fees.
The value of a home has increased by more than 5% on average once solar panels are installed.
You help achieve lower carbon emission and are helping to save the planet
Going solar is a no-brainer. The benefits across board speaks for it.

Here's what you can expect…

Every solar energy system is designed with your energy needs and available space in mind. Your solar energy system will go with your flow — you say how much you need, what you want it to power, how you want to back it up – and the experts make it happen. There are experts available to you along the whole process of getting solar energy set up in your home – you don’t have to stress about all the details.

Panels: The quality of the panels is important to consider when installing a solar system at your home. Panel arrays are typically customized for your home depending on details like size of panels, power/wattage of panels, energy consumption and preference.

Batteries: Storing any additional energy in a battery is a great thing to consider. There are many different use cases and one of the most popular one is that you’ll still have energy if there is a blackout that occurs.

Who are we and why do we belief in solar?

MJS Build + Design specializes in architectural builds, decks, renovations, tilt panel commercial building and solar panel supplies and installation. With over a decade of experience and our state-of-the-art solar technology, we are leading the industry in innovation. We pride ourselves in our dedication to our clients when it comes to going solar.

There are many opportunities to go solar, including zero down payment options

The question is... will you make use of the opportunity and go solar now?